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Introduction to Overseas Compatriot Youth Training Activities

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*Important Notice*

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has led to border control, home quarantining, and travel restrictions in many countries. For the safety of overseas students, the following programs are canceled:
1. 2020 Taiwanese Culture Program for Overseas Youth
2. 2020 Taiwan Experience Program for Overseas Youth : “1st Session”, “2nd Session”, “3rd Session”
3. 2020 Taiwan Study Tour Program for Overseas Youth: “2nd Session”, “3rd Session”, “4th Session”, “5th Session”, “6th Session”.
4. English Teaching Volunteer Service Program for Overseas Youth
5. 2020 Chinese Language Program for Overseas Youth: “Thailand” ,
 “Indonesia”,“2nd Term”, “3rd Term(Teenager’s Summer Term)”, “Japan and Europe”.

In order to help overseas compatriot youth obtain an understanding of Taiwan's economic and social development situation, learn about Taiwan’s diverse cultures, and develop real affinity with Taiwan, the OCAC holds various youth activities every year that are widely supported and welcomed by overseas compatriot youth.