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About Federation of Chinese Organizations of America
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2017 F.O.C.A Annual Conference
Vice Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu attended opening ceremony
2017 F.O.C.A Annual Conference group photo
Representative Stanley Kao of T.E.C.O. in the United States deliver the Keynote Speech
Overseas Community Affairs Symposium
Vice Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu hosted OCAC Banquet
The Federation of Chinese Organizations of America (F. C .O.A.) is an non-profit organization that aims to strengthen Chinese associations union and stands up for democracy and freedom.
The original of F. C .O.A. can be traced back to June 1976, when the world situation and the overseas Chinese associations are in chaos. Several overseas Chinese community leaders, like Larry Wang(Los Angeles) and Gāo Cháo Yún, got the strong feelings that it was the time to establish an organization, which can improve the benefit of overseas Chinese. Over the years, F.O.C.A. not only has activities regularly but also holds annual conference organized by different branches alternatively to fulfill its mission.
The 34th Annual conference of F.O.C.A. was held in Washington, D.C. from 13 to 15 August 2017. There were 150participants from the United States, Canada, and Latin America. In the conference, all delegates promised that they would keep following Dr. Sun Yat-sen's philosophy, making overseas Chinese community strong and harmonious. In the General Assembly, all delegates passed a joint statement, which shows their commitment to full support to Republic of China(Taiwan).