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"2018 Visit by Overseas Taiwanese Businessmen in Smart Machinery Industry" by OCAC A Snapshot
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Attendees of "2018 Visit by Overseas Taiwanese Businessmen in Smart Machinery Industry" by OCAC in a group photo Deputy Minister Kao Chien-Chih in the center, front row Director General Wong, Shu-Hwa of Department of Business Affairs, second individual from the right in front row

The OCAC hosted "2018 Visit by Overseas Taiwanese Businessmen in Smart Machinery Industry" between May 21 and 25. The tour was participated by 15 Taiwanese businessmen from 9 countries. The visit was part of the government's new policy direction for Taiwan's "5 + 2 Innovation Industry" investment program, encouraging overseas businessmen to return to Taiwan and invest in smart machinery projects. The tour was organized in hopes of pooling the support of these overseas businesspeople to propel investment and industrial development. The program included a visit to the industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, with representatives from Smart Machinery Office acting as tour guides. Also, the visiting businesspeople also traveled to smart machinery firms in Taiwan for experience exchange. 

Tour attendees exchanged opinions with 15 of Taiwan's topmost smart machinery firms about possible business cooperation in the morning of May 25. Afterwards, Deputy Minister Kao, Chien-Chih hosted a general discussion as he encouraged the attendees to take this experience with them to the places of their residence, and put their promise into action by assisting Taiwan's smart machinery firms with opening up market and investment projects abroad. 

OCAC Vice Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu presided over the opening ceremony on May 21. During the opening remarks. He noted that Taiwan's smart machinery industry boasts a robust market and supply chain, with world-class innovation clout. Celebrated brands, such as Apple and Tesla, cannot do without key components from Taiwan. He courage the attendees to enjoy the tour and explore as much as possible, and translate their findings into real prospects. 

The tour has successfully increased attendees' understanding in Taiwan's smart machinery development, helping them connect with smart machinery firms in Taiwan, and inspire in them an interest to invest in Taiwan. Attendees unanimously acknowledged the tour as being very constructive, and pledged to lend a hand in collaborative and development projects for Taiwan's smart machinery industry.