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Taiwan Association Philippine Youth Chapter holds the iTaiwan Online Lecture Industry Expo

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The online expo was combined with the OCAC's iTaiwan Online Lecture, introducing the OCAC's new Taiwanese and overseas compatriot business service models and other items.
Deputy event leader Lin Nan-hung hosted the online expo
Companies participating in the event provided online vouchers

Taiwan Association Philippine Youth Chapter held the iTaiwan Online Lecture Industry Expo on the afternoon of May 8, hosted by deputy event leader Lin Nan-hung. This event introduced the services of many companies, epidemic prevention information and various professional Line consulting windows. The content was abundant and varied. The event was attended by around 40 people including President of the Taiwan Association Inc., Philippines Huang Ya-hui, and representatives of the Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines.

Firstly, responsible persons of food, travel, furniture, realty and other companies, including Palengke Go, Ersao, Ninetea, Chicky Fried Chicken, Formesa Frozen Foods, Uniku, Yachou Foods, Apsara Home, First Property, Terrior Wine, Baby Project and Jeron Travel were invited to introduce services and products provided in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic; they also provided online consumer vouchers to allow people to enjoy delicious Taiwanese foods and the taste of home in the Philippines.

Deputy president of Taiwan's TTY Biopharm Chen Wen-yu was invited to explain vaccine information and analyze the effects of and overseas data for different vaccines. Also, facing the serious epidemic situation, it isn't easy for people to go outside. Lin Nan-hung provided a living guide for the epidemic period and shared information on several online shopping platforms to give people more convenient choices for shopping.

The event was also combined with the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) iTaiwan online lecture, explaining the OCAC's new models for serving Taiwanese and overseas compatriot entrepreneurs, and providing the Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund (Taiwan) Epidemic Relief Program 3.0, global Taiwanese and overseas compatriot entrepreneurs agricultural service program, global overseas compatriot telecare APP, global epidemic prevention materials Taiwanese business catalog, and other special Line consulting windows, to allow Taiwanese and overseas compatriot entrepreneurs and youth to more quickly contact Taiwan windows in specialized areas and receive information through digital service, enhancing the connection between overseas compatriot youth and Taiwan.

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