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The Taiwanese Junior Chambers of Commerce of North America (TJCCNA) present an online forum on laws related to the pandemic
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Sylvia Tsai (2nd from the right) explained the bailout program, and Yao Yao (right) was also present for assistance.
Danny Chen hosted the online forum and interacted with online participants.

The Taiwanese Junior Chambers of Commerce of North America (TJCCNA) invited a number of Taiwanese professional lawyers in North American to give an online forum on laws related to the pandemic. Topics include labor law, landlord-tenant issues, business contracts, trusts, licensing, medication, immigrant visa, etc. Danny Chen, President of Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce Orange County (TJCCOC), and Sylvia Tsai, President of Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce of New York (TJCCNY), also served as lecturers to explain laws related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chairing the forum was Danny Chen, President of the TJCCOC, who specializes in immigration procedures. By interacting with long-distance speakers and audience, he explained how to apply for the extension of B-1 / B-2, ESTA and other types of visas during the pandemic, and how workers with professional work visas like H-1B can react to reduced wages and hours or even unfair dismissal.

Lawyer Sylvia Tsai, President of the TJCCNY, talked about EIDL, PPP, and other stimulus programs provided by the Small Business Administration of the US government to help small businesses impacted by COVID-19 and explained their eligibility and ways of application. Other speakers talked about the rights and interests of workers during the pandemic, the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act, and rights and obligations of tenants and landlords in situations where tenants affected by COVID-19 fail to pay the rent.

More than 60 participants attended the online forum, and Yao Yao, President of the TJCCNA, thanked them for the attendance. She also mentioned that the members of Junior Chambers of Commerce are all young professionals who are dedicated to serving young compatriots and building a resource sharing platform. The forum was educational and comprehensive, covering talks on paid medical leave, unemployment benefits, bailout loans for small businesses, trusts and estate planning, and so on. Participants all benefited a lot from the forum and thanked Junior Chambers of Commerce for having organized such an activity.

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