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2018 OCAC Compatriot Youth Study Program at Taiwan 4th session (Northern Thailand)drew to a successful close!
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To provide overseas compatriot youths with an understanding of a rich multicultural Taiwan, the Overseas Community Affairs Council, Republic of China (Taiwan) sponsored  the “2018 Compatriot Youth Taiwan Culture Study Program 4th session”, undertaken by National Kaohsiung Normal University. The closing ceremony of the “OCAC 2018 Compatriot Youth Taiwan Culture Study Program 4th session(Northern Thailand)” was held at the Conference Hall of the NKNU on the morning of October 17th. This program started on 5th October and ended on 18th October, 2018.  A total of 36 compatriot youths from Northern Thailand participated in this program.
Ms Su-chen Lu, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Student Affairs, expressed her hope that through two weeks of visits to Taiwan, the overseas compatriot youths had developed an understanding of a rich multicultural. She hoped that these experiences will encourage them to come to Taiwan for their further studies. Dr. Lian-Shang Wu,  president of NKNU, first expressed his great honor to cooperate more closely with the Overseas Community Affairs Council. He affirmed the active participation of all the participants. This program had provided overseas compatriot youths with an understanding of a rich multicultural and encourage everyone to come to Taiwan to study.
The participants also shared their experiences during the past two weeks. In addition to thanking the counselors for their care, they also thanked the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee, the National Kaohsiung Normal University and their parents for the opportunities to experience Taiwan. The Program had offered students multiple perspectives on Taiwanese culture, the history of Taiwan, and the current development of Taiwan education. They had experienced the vocational training courses offered by schools in Taiwan. The organizer also arranged visits to well-known cultural and historical sites in Taiwan, including the Palace Museum, the Presidential Hall, the Indigenous Peoples’ Cultural Development Center (Pingtung), National Museum of Taiwan’s Literature (Tainan), Pier-2, the Second Art Zone, the Anping Castle, and the Fengjia Night Market, etc, to let them have a deeper understanding of local cultures. Through these special adventures, they had developed an understanding of Taiwan history and appreciation of the beauty of its culture, making their summer unforgettable. 
At the end, the students from Northern Thailand also made some brilliant performances and won warm applause from the guests. The closing ceremony is finally officially ended with a perfect buffet! 
Group Photo
Speech of OCAC
Speech of NKNU President