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Student trainees show their creativity at the 36th OYVTW Commencement
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36th Overseas Youth Vocational Training Workshop (OYVTW) Commencement and Results Exhibition was held at Providence University on December 21.
OCAC Vice Minister Leu thanked all the OYVTW undertaking universities for providing excellent teachers and complete facilities. He also thanked the parents of OYVTW graduates for their willingness to send their children to Taiwan to study.
A group photo from the OYVTW Commencement and Results Exhibition.

The 36th Overseas Youth Vocational Training Workshop (OYVTW) Commencement and Results Exhibition was held at Providence University on December 21. The event was hosted by Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) Vice Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu. Around 2,200 people from 12 universities, including Providence University, attended the grand event. Graduating students from each school displayed what they have learned in the 2-year program in stage performances and stall displays; everyone was impressed by the lifelike fondant cake decorations, distinctive chic hairstyles, digital media designs and other achievements of the students.

Leu first congratulated the graduates for completing their studies after two years of diligent study as they now prepare to start a new life journey. He said that students of the OYVTW has the advantages of localization and internationalization. Graduates can choose to stay in Taiwan to develop a career or go back to their place of residence. He mentioned that the government is promoting the New Immigrant Act, under which graduates of the OYVTW are eligible to apply to work in Taiwan, so that they can make good use of their professional skills. In addition, they also have an opportunity to obtain permanent resident status, which will allow those with outstanding talent to stay in Taiwan.

President of Providence University, Tang Chuan-yi said that the OYVTW has been held for 54 years. It focuses on the education of overseas compatriot youth and has nurtured a large number of talented people. He expressed the hope that the graduates can contribute what they have learned whether they continue to higher level study or enter the workplace.

Leu then presented awards to graduates who performed outstandingly both academically and in terms of conduct. Each president presented graduation certificates to representative graduates of his university. Two students from Providence University, Lau Yii-hong and Nely, gave speeches on behalf of all graduates, expressing gratitude to their teachers for their care and teaching and to their classmates for accompanying them all the way. Finally, all the OYVTW graduates took to the stage and sang the OYVTW song together. The grand event drew to a close amidst a happy and warm atmosphere.