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"Squat First, Then Jump"- The Display Industry Accelerates Transformation and Upgrading to Fight Economic Downturns

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"Squat First, Then Jump"-The Display Industry Accelerates Transformation and Upgrading to Fight Economic Downturns

The government is promoting the development of high value-added smart display products and system integration services in response to the post-pandemic economic restructuring, creating new business opportunities overseas. The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has launched the "Smart Display Interdisciplinary Applications and Fields Promotion Plan (2021 to 2025)", aiming to enhance the technological advantages and global competitiveness of the display industry by building up an environment, promoting technology in fields and replenishing resources.

To build up an environment, Smart Display Industrial Alliance (SDIA) of IDB established a promotion mechanism across the industry, government, academia, and research sectors to operate the 4 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) -Smart Healthcare, Smart Retail, Smart Mobility, and Smart Education and Recreation - to facilitate cross-domain collaboration. Through SDIA, high-quality system integration solutions have been developed and verified on-site; and forward-looking technologies are used to prototype platform integration services to assisting vendors in their developments.

To promote technology in fields, various innovative solutions have been implemented across the country, such as the installation of smart signs and banner-shaped screens along Xiangti Avenue in Taipei; the AI magic hair mirror in chained hair salons; spliced e-papers that provide tourism information at Penglai Cruise Terminal, Kaohsiung; and curved displays in Taipei MRT's future carriage. These solutions created over 3,261,000 service experiences and offerd potential market opportunities in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and other countries. They were even exported to Japan through a partnership with the Kobe Ports and Harbors Office.

The government's "Smart Display Life Technology and Applications Industry Subsidy Plan" is another effort to replenish resources and guide the industry towards thematic innovative research and development programs. For instance, the wide-angle 3D medical imaging surgical display system car-mounted OTT streaming video entertainment display and immersive dynamic simulation cockpit display technology. The plan aims to promote R&D and industry applications oriented to "helping the small with the strength of the big", "theme-driven", and "innovative alliance".

The display industry is undergoing a crucial transformation and upgrading due to the global economic cycle. SDIA has facilitated IDB in promoting solutions based on mature 5G and AIoT applications to showcase new display technology and reach users. Enterprises can access government resources by, for example, applying for a thematic research and development program to deepen their R&D capacity. Let's seize opportunities in the smart display era to expand the international market and showcase the innovative development capabilities of display industry.

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