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2019 Taiwanese Culture and Folk Art Teacher Training Program
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To carry on the spirit of enhancing the professional skills of teachers and artistic talent around the world and to promote Taiwan’s dynamic, diverse culture, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) once again held the Taiwanese Culture and Folk Art Teacher Training Program this year from July 8 to 24. A joint endeavor of the OCAC and the Chinese Taipei Acrobatics Association, the Program’s closing ceremony was successfully held on July 23.

During the Program’s 17-days span, a total of 50 participants from the United States, South America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia were offered a deep and authentic immersion in Taiwanese culture. The participants were divided into three groups based on their specialties and interests: Folk Sports, Folk Dance, and Folk Arts. The main theme of the program was traditional Taiwanese culture, from both the theoretical and practical standpoint. These courses not only provided the teachers and artists with local knowledge but also give them opportunities to put theory into practice.

A variety of courses in each specialty were offered such as martial arts, diabolo, Techno Prince Nezha, calligraphy, lantern making, budai glove puppetry, making dough figurines, Hakka dance, festival dance, and also general courses such as Cultural Troup Organization and Operation, Overseas Community Festival and Cultural Event Planning and Execution, and Overseas Local Training Activity Planning. This time, most of the participants were strongly talented in Folk Arts, Folk Sports, and Folk Dance. With the intensive schedule and plentiful resources, the participants were able to learn and experience Taiwanese culture from different perspectives. After immersing themselves in the courses, the participants all said that they were very satisfied with what they had learned from the Program. 

The OCAC expects the program to achieve the purpose of enhancing the participants’ skills in teaching, planning, and performing. At the closing ceremony, the OCAC’s Chief-Secretary, Liang-Ming Chang, encouraged each participant to apply what they have learned in this program to activities in their home countries.
2019 Taiwanese Culture and Folk Art Teacher Training Program’s closing ceremony