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2018 Taiwanese Culture and Folk Art Teacher Training Program
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Carrying on the spirit of enhancing the professional skills of teachers and artistic talent around the world and to promote Taiwan’s dynamic, diverse culture, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) once again hosted the Taiwanese Culture and Folk Art Teacher Training Program this year from July 16 to August 1. A joint endeavor of the OCAC and the organizer, the University of Taipei, the program’s closing ceremony was successfully held on July 31. 

The OCAC’s deputy minister Kao, Chien-chih attended the ceremony and gave a closing speech. He encouraged the participants to apply what they have learned in this program to activities in their overseas residences, and to let the mainstream society know more about Taiwan through their cultural activities. Followed by the speech, the participants prepared a series of wonderful performances as the final presentation. Their wonderful performances won a big round of applause. 

Within the 17-day span of the program, a total of 52 participants from the United States, South America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia were offered a deep and authentic immersion in Taiwanese culture. The participants were divided into three groups based on their specialties and interests: Folk Sports, Folk Dance, and Folk Arts. 

The main theme of the program was traditional Taiwanese culture and a variety of courses in each specialty were offered. The University of Taipei, invited I Wan Jan, the most famous Taiwanese puppet theater and Ma, Shui-cheng, the senior artist and calligrapher, to conduct two courses in Folk Arts. Participants in Folk Sports learned both the knowledge and skills of diabolo, shuttlecock, spinning top, and jump rope. In the Folk Dance section they learned a variety of dances, including traditional dance, festival dance, Hakka dance and aboriginal dance. The participants were satisfied with what they have learned from the program and thought program indeed enhanced their skills in cultural teaching, planning, and performing.
2018 Taiwanese Culture and Folk Art Teacher Training Program’s closing ceremony