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Taiwan wins 74 medals at Paris invention fair
Publish Date: 2017/05/08
Update Date: 2017/05/08
Taipei, May 7 (CNA) Taiwan took 74 medals, including 11 gold, 23 silver and 40 bronze, at one of the world's most prestigious invention fairs that closed Saturday in Paris.

This year, 45 participants from Taiwan presented 77 items to the Concours Lépine International Paris, an event that has been held since 1901.

Among the country's gold medalists were two who were participating for the first time and who also received special mentions from the French organizers.

Chang Chun-hsiang, a 14-year-old student from Kuai Ji Junior High School in Taoyuan, was awarded gold for his anti-doze alarm detection.

The device, which is worn around the user's neck, sends out a warning signal or vibration to keep students or drivers alert when it senses a downward tilt in head movement.

According to Chang, the idea was conceived after seeing so many traffic-related accidents in the news due to drunk driving or drivers dozing off behind the wheel.

Another young competitor named Kuo Yu-hsin, also 14, who studies at the same school as Chang, also won gold for his anti-flood alarm detector.

The device can be placed on any surface and will send out an alarm when it detects water leaks or flooding.

Kuo said he came up with idea when the pipe of his washing machine cracked, causing the apartment to flood.

Meanwhile, another gold medalist, Kao Chih-hung, won a special mention from the organizers for his "Just It," an add-on plastic bowl that attaches to any kind of bottle or can of drink. The purpose of this item is to allow users to enjoy their favorite beverage while enabling them to enjoy snacks.

At this year's event, there were 562 items on display, including 77 entries from Taiwan, which has been a participant since 2010.
Chang Chun-hsiang (2nd from right) and Kuo Yu-hsin (1st from roght)(Photo courtesy of CNA)
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