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  1. 1. To develop more comprehensively the education for overseas compatriots, and promote world-wide Mandarin teaching from Taiwan;
  2. 2. To enhance the cultivation and retention of overseas compatriot students, as well as strengthen the recruitment of overseas professional talent for Taiwan;
  3. 3. To overcome post-pandemic challenges, and link overseas compatriot businesses with Taiwanese industries to develop jointly;
  4. 4. To gather the overseas compatriot community's abundant resources, and expand international support for Taiwan.

  1. 1. To utilize new technologies and models to expand our capacity for serving overseas compatriots globally;
  2. 2. To dedicate the overseas compatriot education network to the flourishing of the global Mandarin market;
  3. 3. To attract more overseas compatriot students to study in Taiwan in order to nurture the Taiwan-friendly overseas compatriot youth;
  4. 4. To bring together all the strengths of overseas compatriot entrepreneurs worldwide to invest in and strengthen Taiwan.

  1. 1. To use Taiwan's advantages to expand services for overseas compatriots.
  2. 2. To deploy networks in all overseas compatriot communities to cultivate the younger generation.
  3. 3. To lay the foundations for overseas compatriot education, and develop the recruitment and service platform for overseas compatriot students.
  4. 4. To integrate the strengths of demestic and overseas Taiwanese businesses to expand investment and strengthen Taiwan.