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Introduction to Overseas Compatriot Education
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Overseas Compatriot Education is the foundation of overseas community affairs. The significance of Overseas Compatriot Education work is not merely promoting language and passing on culture, but also serving as an integral part of the overall OCAC's policy. The ROC government has been dedicated to Overseas Compatriot Education for many years and its measures have kept up with the times. OCAC's work includes subsidizing overseas compatriot schools to promote Taiwan's excellent teaching brand and its diverse culture to achieve coherence with overseas expatriates, to cultivate the potential of the younger generation and to increase Taiwan's international participation.

Many overseas communities have established local schools to disseminate the culture of their homeland. As of the beginning of 2019, there are 2,329 overseas compatriot schools affiliated with the ROC (73.42% of them are in Asia, 20.87% in Americas and less than 5.71% in other continents).Worldwide, there are around 50 associations of overseas compatriot schools affiliated with Taiwan. These overseas compatriot schools and their associations have become the best access to promote Taiwan's Chinese language learning industry, to display Taiwan's distinctive teaching methodologies, to propagate the diversity of Taiwanese culture, and eventually, to help win a larger share of the mainstream education market.

Based on the existing foundation and the global trend of language learning, the OCAC will continue to consolidate overseas compatriot school affairs as well as to train language and folk culture teachers. It will also recruit young volunteers and subsidize college students in Taiwan to provide teaching support to overseas compatriot schools as well as incorporate other practical measures to strengthen overseas compatriot school development.

In addition, the OCAC will develop diverse teaching materials and optimize the content of the e-learning website "". The OCAC will also provide cloud mobile learning and digital teaching services, to upgrade e-learning to a new stage. In coordination with the overall national policy, the OCAC will actively implement the e-Learning Portal for overseas compatriot education and promote the preservation of traditional Chinese characters through ""

Moreover, the OCAC supports important festival events in overseas communities by dispatching cultural delegations to participate in the events. The OCAC also holds training programs for cultural seed teachers and young cultural volunteers to spread Taiwanese culture overseas and to nurture young talent. Last but not the least, the OCAC provides distance learning and online courses for overseas compatriot school teachers to improve their teaching skills.