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Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund (Taiwan)

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The government of the R.O.C. is always concerned about the economic development of overseas compatriots. In order to effectively assist overseas compatriots to establish new enterprises and expand their businesses through credit guaranties, the Overseas Chinese Credit Guaranty Fund was created with the approval of the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China on July 18, 1988, and registered as a foundation. In 1998, the Fund began providing credit guarantee services for Taiwanese enterprises worldwide. To meet the Fund's practical requirements, clarify the criteria of application, and in consideration of the Fund's characteristics, the Fund changed its name to the "Taiwan Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund" (the Fund) in May of 2008. Later, to reflect the Fund's name in mandarin and in accordance with domestic practice, the Fund's board of directors approved the name Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund (Taiwan) as the Fund's new English name.

The Taiwan government is fully committed to fostering a high quality open investment environment and encouraging foreign investment. As we continue to improve the domestic investment environment through a range of economic liberalization and globalization initiatives, we will push for innovative value-added industries and create new business opportunities, making Taiwan a land rich in investment opportunities.

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