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Privacy and Web Site Security Policy
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Welcome to the “Overseas Community Affairs Council” (hereafter the website). Please read the following to learn more about how this website collects, uses and protects the persona information you provide:

※Privacy Policy※

The privacy policy below applies to all personal data collected, used and protected when users are active on this website, but does not apply to other related connected websites.

Concerning the collection, processing and use of personal data

1. The website will not collect any personal information on visitors who simply browse and download files.
2. The website will retain the personal information and contact information of visitors who use such interactive functions as registering an account or signing up for activities.
3. The website will record a users IP address, time online and pages browsed. This information is used to analyze website traffic and online behavior so as to improve the quality of the services provided and under no circumstances is the behavior of individual users analyzed.
4 The website absolutely will not sell, exchange, or rent any personal information provided by users to other groups, individuals or private enterprises.

Data protection
Only authorized personnel come into contact with users’ personal information on the website. All related personnel sign confidentiality agreements.

External links on the website 
Visitors can access other sites from the hyperlinks provided on the website, but such external websites are not subject to this website’s privacy protection policy.

※Website Security Policy※
Any unauthorized attempt to upload or change any of the services and related information offered by the Council is strictly forbidden and could break the law. In order to protect the security of the website and continue to serve all online users, the following security protection measures are provided:

Installation of a firewall and limiting links to designated ports, to prevent illegal intrusion, avoid the website being illegally used and protect the rights of users. 
Use of an online intrusion detection system to monitor network traffic and block malicious behavior.
Installation of antivirus software to provide users with a safe webpage browsing environment.
Occasional vulnerability assessments of the network and where necessary introduction of improvements.
Occasional penetration testing of the network and the practicing of system recovery procedures in the event of an information security incident, to ensure the continued operation of the website.
Regular backing up of data
Regular inspection and upgrading of patches.

If you have any issues relating to the privacy policy or website safety policy of this website please feel free to contact us. The privacy policy and website safety policy can be revised and upgraded on the website as and when needed.