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About Overseas Community Affairs
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In the progress of the foundation and development of R.O.C. (Taiwan), overseas compatriots have consistently played an active and significant role in compassionating the nation's welfare, paying attention to its advancement, and expressing their robust support in a variety of ways. For providing liaison services to overseas communities, in addition to related affairs organized and promoted by the Department of Community Affairs, Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) has inaugurated 16 Cultural Centers of Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices (TECO) where overseas compatriots live compactly, and delegated representatives to 20 diplomatic missions of R.O.C. (Taiwan) so as to administer the most immediate and expeditious services to overseas compatriots.

The primary assignments of liaison services to overseas communities encompass sculpturing harmonious atmosphere for overseas communities and ensuring their sustainable development. In addition, OCAC keeps close contact with overseas compatriot associations, takes care of their development, helps them to organize continental annual conferences, important events, and various activities, so as to boost their vitality effectively and strengthen benign interaction between R.O.C. (Taiwan) and overseas compatriot associations. Also, OCAC has endeavored to encourage overseas compatriot youths to immerse themselves in the affairs of overseas communities, in the hope of nurturing next generation of the staff members, and contributing to the sustainable development of overseas compatriot associations.

OCAC arranges periodically seminars of overseas community affairs and visiting programs for leaders of major overseas compatriot associations and overseas young professionals. Through visiting government organizations and significant constructions personally, the attendees can have a more comprehensive grasp on multiple dimensions of R.O.C. (Taiwan)'s advancements, furthermore, recognize and support the nation. 

For facilitating more substantial bond and intimate affiliation between overseas communities and R.O.C. (Taiwan), so as to stimulate overseas compatriots to take practical action to demonstrate their support and affection for their homeland, OCAC encourage overseas communities to set up "Overseas Caring Associations", to provide timely assistance to any national, who is ill or injured abroad. The installation of volunteer groups of overseas community affairs facilitates the combination of human resources, expertise and skills of overseas compatriots to help new immigrants to adapt and integrate into the mainstream society. The launch of cultural tour in the TECOs makes all overseas compatriots be Taiwan's cultural ambassadors, to enhance the understanding of local mainstream society to R.O.C. (Taiwan). All of these are the best examples of the combination of overseas compatriots' forces and resources to promote overseas compatriot affairs and public diplomacy.

Overseas compatriots are valuable assets to R.O.C. (Taiwan). OCAC keeps on doing the liaison services to overseas communities, combining forces and resources of overseas communities to elevate the service energy for enhancing the assignments of overseas community affairs and assisting to promote public diplomacy and domestic relevant policies.