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About Overseas Community Affairs

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In the progress of the foundation and development of the ROC (Taiwan), overseas compatriots have consistently played an active and significant role in overhauling the nation's welfare, paying attention to its advancement, and expressing their robust support in a variety of ways. Under the OCAC, the Department of Expatriate Affairs provides liaison services to overseas communities and organizes related affairs. The 16 Culture Centers of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) located overseas and 20 diplomatic missions of the ROC serve large numbers of overseas compatriots around the world, making sure they have access to immediate and warm services. 

The primary tasks of liaison services to overseas communities encompass creating harmonious atmosphere for overseas communities and ensuring their sustainable development. In addition, OCAC keeps close contact with overseas compatriot associations, takes care of their development, and helps them to organize continental annual conferences, important events, and various activities, so as to boost their vitality effectively and strengthen benign interaction between the ROC (Taiwan) and overseas compatriot associations. Also, the OCAC has endeavored to encourage overseas compatriot youths to immerse themselves in the affairs of overseas communities, in the hope of nurturing next-generation leaders and contributing to the sustainable development of overseas compatriot associations.

The OCAC arranges seminars and visits to government divisions and facilities on a regular basis, in order for leaders of overseas communities and outstanding compatriot youth to better understand, recognize, and support the nation's developments.

For the bonding and affiliation between the homeland and overseas communities, the OCAC established Emergency Assistance Associations for overseas compatriots to give their support and help to traveling nationals who are ill or injured. The OCAC also organized volunteer groups, which integrate the human resources, knowledge, and expertise of overseas communities and helps new immigrants quickly adapt to the mainstream society. Cultural tours held at Culture Centers of TECO take a step further by introducing the homeland to the mainstream, allowing such public diplomacy to integrate human resources and promote overseas community affairs.

Overseas compatriots are valuable assets of the country. The OCAC will continue to provide liaison services to overseas communities, maximize the scope of services, and promote public diplomacy and domestic policies.