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Taiwan, Indonesia cooperation on immigration bears fruit
Publish Date: 2016/12/05
Update Date: 2016/12/05
Jakarta, Dec. 4 (CNA) Taiwan and Indonesia have made enormous strides in bilateral cooperation on immigration issues over the past few years, which could serve as a foundation for the nation's new southbound policy, Taiwan's representative office in Indonesia said on Sunday.

Since the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on immigration affairs and the prevention of human trafficking and smuggling in 2012, bilateral cooperation has been expanded through an annual conference hosted on an alternating basis, according to the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) Jakarta, Indonesia.

For instance, Indonesia has dispatched personnel to attend annual human trafficking and smuggling prevention seminars and border security meetings in Taiwan. Jakarta has even sent officials to learn the Chinese language and study Taiwan's approach to crowd management.

Learning from Taiwan's experience, Indonesia is improving its border management, counseling for immigrants and data management. It is also seeking to provide more convenient immigration and emigration services, according to the TETO.

Taiwan and Indonesia maintain close relations. In 2015, more than 210,000 Taiwanese visited Indonesia, while the number of Indonesian nationals visiting Taiwan exceeded 170,000, it indicated.

There is a large number of Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan. Of the more than 250,000 Indonesian nationals currently in the nation, most are blue-collar workers, according to the office.

The increased exchanges between the two countries also make jointly combating crime an important issue.

The two countries have made considerable strides in combating human trafficking and other illegal activities. Last year, Taiwan deported more than 260 Indonesian illegal migrant workers through a fast-track deportation trial program launched by the two countries, the office said.

Further cooperation with Indonesia on immigration issues will not only reduce illegal activities but will also lay a solid foundation for the implementation of the new southbound policy, the office added. (Courtesy of CNA)
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