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Yu-Mei Chen takes over as Deputy Minister of OCAC
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Yu-Mei Chen takes over as Deputy Minister of OCAC
The Executive Yuan posted new cabinet appointments on September 18th, and announced current city council member Ms. Yu-Mei Chen would be taking over the deputy minister position at OCAC.

There were originally three deputy minister positions, but it was revised to two with the re-organization, making the already difficult job of handling overseas community affairs even more challenging. Current deputy minister Leu has been stationed overseas for a long time as the director of TECO Houston, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco and etc. He has also been very active with traditional overseas communities, and with his fluent Cantonese, his passion and experience, he has always been popular with our overseas communities. More remarkably, he has been able to guide and supervise related overseas projects with great success. Undoubtedly, he has been entrusted to strengthen our liaison services with our overseas communities.

Since minister Chen took office as of August 1st, he has emphasized on the professional training and language communication skills of staff stationed overseas. It is his goal to cultivate Cantonese language talents and improve services. In addition to having three semesters of Cantonese language classes, Cantonese language Karaoke competition and reading competition will also be held for the very first time on September 27th.

Yu-Mei Chen, newly appointed deputy minister of OCAC - government affairs, was the Taipei city council member for five consecutive terms, has many years of experience in politics. Graduated with Business Administration degree from Aoyama Gakuin University, and EMBA program at National Taiwan University, she has professional knowledge on economics and foreign trade. She has also worked in the media world, as TV and radio host and spokesperson. During her term as city council member, she dedicated her time working with non-profit organizations and exchange programs with sister cities overseas; as a result, she is familiar with overseas community affairs.

Ms. Yu-Mei Chen will be guiding overseas community affairs regarding businesses, students, news, and overseas Chinese media, assisting OCAC to cooperate with the government to help developing emerging markets, construct a global network for overseas youth as well as talent cultivation and retention program.

In addition, Ms. Yu-Mei Chen and minister Shyh-Kwei Chen have known each other for a long time, which contributes to their mutual trust and working well together. With their combined experiences in council liaison services and talent coordination, they will complement each other very well working for our overseas communities together.