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Boston, US

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In order to enhance links with second and third generation young overseas compatriots, in 2011, the OCAC started training program for Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors (FACSA) in 11 regions in the US and Canada. The program includes "local training", "combination with overseas community or mainstream activity service" and "return to Taiwan for training" and the method combines study and practice. As well as increasing the understanding of Taiwan of overseas compatriot youth, the aim is to integrate the power of pro-Taiwan overseas compatriot youth and empower participants to become future overseas community talent; furthermore, they can transform into members of an overseas compatriot affairs diplomatic vanguard to promote Taiwan.

Under the assistance of the Council's overseas posts and FASCA mentors, FASCA-Boston was established in 2018. The accumulated number of members reached 68 as of 2021; in 2021, there were 5 activities held for a total of 17 hours, with 105 participants; 15 new members were recruited and 5 former members returned.

Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Boston.
Address:90 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands, MA 02461, U.S.A.