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Smart cities are one of the goals that countries around the world are striving to develop. Taiwan is world-renowned for its smart city development. For example, Taoyuan City was honored as the 2019 Intelligent Community of the year and Keelung City won the "ASOCIO Smart City Award 2019" held in Thiland; furthermore, Taipei City was ranked 8th in the world and 2nd in Asia of 2020 Smart City Index, showing that Taiwan's achievements in the field of smart cities have been universally recognized. Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) Minister Tung Chen-yuan explained that the OCAC held the" Malaysia Smart City Industry Exchange Conference" on September 14, 2020, and organized went on to hold the "Taiwan-Thailand Smart City Industry Exchange Meeting" on November 5; afterwards the OCAC compiled an Achievement Handbook for each event, covering important information related to smart city industry exchange and cooperation between Taiwan/Malaysia and Taiwan/Thailand respectively. The aim was to combine with the network of contacts of overseas compatriot entrepreneurs to lead Taiwan industries to the world and to bring more business opportunities for overseas Taiwanese businessmen, Taiwan industries and global trade. Consequently, the OCAC has collected information of outstanding domestic enterprises in the fields of smart health, smart manufacturing, smart infrastructure, smart energy and environment, smart governance, smart buildings, smart mobility and smart education and compiled a " Smart Cities in Taiwan-Businesses Directory", available on the OCAC official website (https://Business.Taiwan-World.Net). Overseas compatriot entrepreneurs interested in smart city related industry information are welcome to use it and share it.

    Smart Cities in Taiwan-Businesses Directory

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