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An introduction to the Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program

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Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program
I. Introduction

In order to meet the needs of eager overseas compatriot youth in learning about cultural heritage, manufacturing and management skills, the Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program (OYVTP) offers training in these and other areas. This training enables them to successfully contribute what they have learned upon returning to their countries of residence. In turn, this helps to promote the prosperity of their local communities, develop the competitive edge of overseas Taiwanese businesses, and expand the trade relationship between these countries and Taiwan. The OYVTP was established by the OCAC in 1963 and has cultivated more than 20,000 students from 41 countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, South Africa, and Spain.

II. Guidelines

1. Mission
Our mission is to provide overseas compatriot youth with the manufacturing techniques and practical knowledge to start businesses in agriculture, industry, and trade, and to promote prosperity in their local communities.

2. Characteristics
The OYVTP curriculum is categorized by profession and aims to give students practical skills in their fields. Students studying agriculture and craftsmanship courses will spend 70% of their time engaging in hands-on training, with the remaining 30% taken up by lectures. Commercial courses balance practice with theory, ensuring that students graduate with the skills necessary to succeed in their professions.
3. Training Period
All courses last for two years and are divided into four semesters (including internship in school).
4. Application Requirements
(1) Applicants must at least be in the second year of high school and be overseas compatriot or ethnic Chinese under 40 years of age. The age limit for female applicants who have children may be extended two years per child to a maximum of 45 years of age. Please attach supporting documents.
(2) Applicants must be born overseas and must have received citizenship or permanent residency in a foreign country, or have obtained the Overseas Compatriot Identity Endorsement in their Republic of China passports..
(3) Applicants must be in good health and be of good character without bad habits. 
(4) Applicants must be able to speak Mandarin and take notes in Chinese.
Those who meet the above requirements may apply for recommendation. Selection will be based on personal merit and subject to quota restrictions.
5. Recommendation units
Applicants may be recommended by ROC embassies and missions, representative offices, overseas compatriot organizations authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Culture Centers of TECO, or recommendation units authorized by the OCAC.
6. Fees
(1) While in Taiwan, medical insurance, National Health Insurance, food, housing, training materials, airfare, and other miscellaneous expenses are the responsibility of the students.
(2) Tuition fees are waived as the students are subsidized by the OCAC.
7. Scholarships and Subsidies 
(1) Scholarships may be provided for students with excellent academic records.
(2) Part-time employment on campus and study subsidy may be provided.
(3) National health insurance premiums may be subsidized for students who fall below the poverty line.
(4) Meaningful student social activities may be subsidized.
(5) On-campus emergency medical assistance and care may be subsidized.
(6) Exhibitions of students' work, joint graduation ceremonies, and farewell parties may be subsidized.
8. Graduation
(1) At the end of the training period, those students whose grades meet the requirements will be granted Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program graduation diplomas in Chinese and English issued by the participating schools.
(2) Schools will issue academic credit certificates to those students who complete their courses and comply with the school's regulations.

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