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The overseas student education policy has been widely recognized as one of the most successful policies in Taiwan. Since its implementation nearly 70 years ago, it has cultivated professional talents in various fields domestically and internationally, attracting over 140,000 overseas compatriot students and over 20,000 participants in Overseas Youth Vocational Training Programs who came to Taiwan for higher education or technical training. After returning to their countries of residence, they have continued to increase Taiwan's cultural and economic advantages, raise Taiwan's international status, and boost Taiwan's competitiveness, thus playing an important role in sustaining and developing Taiwan's overseas education, international trade, and citizen diplomacy.
To better execute the policy, the Overseas Community Affairs Council set up the Department of Student Affairs, which is divided into the School Counseling Section, the Student Affairs Liaison Section, and the Youth Programs Section, aimed at providing comprehensive services to overseas compatriot youth and the 126 Taiwan alumni associations worldwide.
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