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Department of Students Affairs
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Given that the overseas student education policy has been recognized widely as one of the most successful policies in Taiwan, counseling overseas compatriot students to help them come to Taiwan to continue their education is an important administrative task for the government of the Republic of China. After more than 60 years of implementation of the aforementioned policy, over 130,000 overseas compatriot students and over 20,000 Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program participants have come to Taiwan to receive higher education or technical training, a fact that helps cultivate both domestic and international professional talent in various fields. These students have played a significant role to support the continuation and development of our education abroad, trade, and people-to-people diplomacy.
At present, more than 122 Taiwan alumni associations have been established worldwide. By combining Taiwan alumni’s efforts in their countries of residence with Taiwan’s cultural and economic advantages, the alumnus support Taiwan to raise up its international status and competitiveness. In order to achieve the goals of the overseas compatriot student education policy, the Overseas Community Affairs Council established the Department of Students Affairs, under which are the Schooling, Overseas Liaison, and Youth sections, to provide comprehensive services for overseas compatriot students and youth.