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The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) is headed by a minister, a deputy minister, a vice minister, and 180 council members. The OCAC's organizational structure consists of the Department of Policy Research and Development, the Department of Expatriate Affairs, the Department of Compatriot Education Affairs, the Department of Compatriot Business Affairs, the Department of Compatriot Students Affairs, the Secretariat Office, the Personnel Office, the Ethics Office, the Accounting and Statistics Office, the Information Management Office, the Overseas Community News Agency, and the Legal Affairs Office.


Department of Policy Research and Development

Manages the research, development, and analysis of overseas affairs policies, conducts the control and evaluation of important projects, issues overseas compatriot certification documents, awards the medals of the OCAC, holds the General Assembly of council members, and manages other matters related to the policy research and development of overseas community affairs.

Department of Expatriate Affairs

Deals with the affairs of overseas compatriot associations, organizes annual continental and regional activities, conferences, and symposiums etc., handles the affairs of the honorary positions of the OCAC, and manages the administrative matters of the Culture Centers of the TECO.

Department of Compatriot Education Affairs

Assists with the school and social education for overseas communities, develops educational resources for Chinese language learning, and supervises all other affairs related to the promotion of education for overseas communities.

Department of Compatriot Business Affairs

Encourages overseas compatriot businesses to invest in Taiwan, promotes exchanges between domestic industries and overseas compatriot enterprises, and offers support to other affairs related to the promotion of business for overseas communities.

Department of Compatriot Students Affairs

Assists and counsels overseas compatriot students on pursuing higher education in Taiwan, maintains connections with overseas compatriot alumni, organizes cultural and language learning programs for overseas compatriot youth in Taiwan, and handles all other related matters.

Secretariat Office

Maintains official stamps, seals, documents, and files, manages financial affairs and procurement, and oversees all remaining matters not covered by other offices or departments.

Personnel Office

Manages employee relations and staffing issues.

Ethics Office

Oversees civil service ethics issues.

Accounting and Statistics Office

Manages budgeting, accounting, and statistics.

Information Management Office

Supervises the strategic planning, coordination, and execution of information technology services and environments, manages network security, processes telegraphs about overseas compatriot affairs, and oversees all other computer-related issues.

Overseas Community News Agency

Provides overseas compatriots with information and news services, and assists overseas community media with report sources and other related matters.

Legal Affairs Office

Provides in-house legal counsel and deals with administrative matters relating to law.

Liaison Office

Manages congressional affairs.

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