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Introduction of 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star: Fang-Yi Lee

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Thailand Global Young Entrepreneur Star Fang-Yi Lee, Second Generation
Successor with Outstanding Performance

Fang-Yi Lee, born in Yilan, Taiwan, is the second generation successor of Sahasilp Rivet Industrial Co., Ltd.. She immigrated to Thailand with her family at the age of ten and studied in the local Chiu Chow school, which cultivated her ability to speak fluently in Mandarin, English, and Thai, helping her blend in smoothly into her new life in Thailand.

Lee majored in marketing in college, and after graduation, she decided to take over her family's hardware business. She planned to put all her knowledge and expertise into full use in the company's operations. As the second generation successor of an overseas Taiwanese business, Lee is burdened with pressure unknown to others. She said that "the society today has a stereotype impression of second generation successors, they assume that if the company succeeds and performs well, it would all be because my parents had laid a solid foundation, and if the company fails, it would be my fault and lack of ability." This has led her to scrutinize her every proposal and strive for perfection, while her father also sets high standards for her every act, not at all loosening up on her for being family. 

Lee's parents were both members of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, and so Lee grew up attending many of the Chamber's events. Lee said that she joined many clubs in college and with the many experiences she accumulated, she did as her friend advised and joined the Thai-Taiwan Business Association (TTBA) Youth League, where she met many like-minded friends with the same interests. She later decided to serve as the Secretary General of the Youth League, hoping that through the TTBA Youth League platform, she could give more compatriot youths in Thailand the same experience she had in making friends from various fields and having opportunities for exchange, and thus work jointly for the future development of compatriot youths in Thailand. 
Thailand Global Young Entrepreneur Star Awardee Fang-Yi Lee.
Sahasilp Rivet Industrial Co., Ltd.

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