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Opening Ceremony for OCAC's 2016 Hakka Cuisine Training Course
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OCAC's Senior Executive Officer Chia-Fu Kao (fifth individual from the right in front row), Senior Executive Officer Yao-Lung Lei (fourth individual from the left in front row), university president Hung-Yi Shu (fourth individual from the right in front row) join the trainees for a photo.
The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) and the Hakka Affairs Council commissioned Hung Kuang University to host the 2016 Hakka Cuisine Training Course. The opening ceremony was held on July 4 on university campus, and co-chaired by OCAC's Senior Executive Officer Chia-Fu Kao, Hakka Affairs Council Senior Executive Officer Yao-Lung Lei, and Hung Kuang University President Hung-Yi Shu. The course was attended by 28 trainees from 8 countries. 
On behalf of OCAC, Mr. Kao welcomed the trainees on their return to Taiwan for the program. He thanked the Hung Kuang University for putting together a wonderful course, featuring famed chefs and lecturers to coach trainees on the essence of Hakka cuisines and their preparation. Site visits to several Hakka business establishments were also arranged for exchange and further learning. Mr. Kao also encouraged trainees to travel across Taiwan for more sightseeing, and apply what they learned when they return to their places of residence, in a bid to expand their business visibility and boost their entrepreneurial efforts.