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Atlanta Chinese Lunar New Year Festival for the year of dog
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Atlanta Chinese Lunar New Year Festival for the year of dog was held in Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Culture Office in Atlanta from 17th to 18th of February this year. The celebration featured 50 diverse cultural and street food stands, 40 sessions of dragon & lion dances, welcoming the God of Wealth, and folklore performances. The participants enjoyed the event so much and regarded it as the best event to go in Atlanta. The lively ambiance of festivity also attracted the attention of mainstream media and local society.

The history of this event can be traced back to 30 years ago, and has been the most attended event in the area by overseas Taiwanese and Chinese. This year, there were 34 overseas communities joined to prepare for the celebration. The surplus of the event will be donated to respective overseas Chinese school to facilitate cultural inheritance.
Poster of the Lunar New Year Festival
Welcoming the lunar year with firecrackers
Techo Princes congratulating everyone for the new year
Crowded Audience
Lion Dance
Dragon Dance
The God of Wealth wishing everyone with good fortune
Passionate Volunteers from Culture Center
Drum Performance
Kids Lion Dance
Face Painting
Diabolo Experience for kids
Good fortune with red envelop
Taiwanese Street Food
Famous Taiwanese Vegetarian Cuisine
Festive Outfits for the year of Dog
Diverse participants from local community