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Students interact with National Palace Museum replica artifacts

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Photo courtesy of National Palace Museum May 23, 2023

Taichung, May 25 (CNA) Disabled students in Taichung have been participating in a range of educational activities, including the opportunity to interact with replicas of cultural artifacts from the National Palace Museum during a three-day event, museum official Lu Yi-wan (呂憶皖) said Thursday.

The event, which concluded Thursday, took place at the Huei-Ming School for Blind Children in Taichung's Daya District and featured activities for elementary and junior high school students with disabilities, many of whom are visually impaired, as well as seniors from the local area.

According to Lu, the main theme of the event was “wheat” because it is a speciality in the district. Students and teachers at Huei-Ming have also been growing their own wheat as part of the curriculum, Lu told CNA.

Three sessions were set up at the event, including one that gave participants the chance to create their own artwork using wheat and coffee, another to touch and learn about the relics, and another to exhibit the artwork created by students, teachers and museum workers, Lu said.

The painting session was a new activity designed by the school and museum, with the aim of giving students the opportunity to create their own artwork, Lu explained. By using coffee grounds as paint, and wheat spikes to decorate their creations, students could touch and feel what they had made, she said, adding that the kids' creations “were all very lively.”

Participants were also able to touch and listen to the changing sounds created by the replica artifacts after tapping them, and playing cards printed with the images of bronze collections were also designed for students to feel and pair up, Lu added.

The museum and school have recently begun designing courses together, including pottery workshops and guides to traditional relics on display in the National Palace Museum, Lu said.

The museum says its courses and events aim to promote cultural and social equality.

Over 5,000 students have participated in its outreach events since 2008, the museum said on its Facebook Wednesday.

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