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2018 Osaka Chinese School study tour in Taiwan
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Lin(the one in middle of front row), the deputy of director of Department of Education Affairs of OCAC, was happy to welcome every student from Osaka Chinese School.
On January 29, Osaka Chinese School organized a 4-day trip to Taiwan for 10 junior high students led by Principal Chen. This includes visiting National Palace Museum, National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine, Fort Provintia, and ChiMei Museum.

After the students arrived at the OCAC, Ji-Rong Lin, the deputy director of Department of Education Affairs, was happy to welcome them. In addition, Lin treated everyone from Osaka Chinese School to delicious Taiwanese Bubble tea. When visiting the OCAC, Principal Chen said that he feels like home. Moreover, students from Osaka Chinese School expressed their sincere gratitude and appreciation to the OCAC.