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2018 Global Leader Forum Concentrating the power of Taiwanese youth Base in Taiwan, eyes on the world
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On September 17, the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Junior Chapter held the 2018 Global Leader Forum at Taipei International Convention Center together with the Junior Chamber International of the Republic of China (Taiwan). With the aim of developing a think tank and youth development center for Asia-Pacific youth, the theme of the event was The Mission, Prospects and Challenges of Taiwanese Youth, UN NGO/DPI Executive Committee Chairman Bruce Knotts was invited to Taiwan for the first time to attend, and also present were Annette Lu, Founding President of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women, Taiwan (BPW, Taiwan and former Vice President of the ROC), Shih Jun-ji ,Vice President of the Legislative Yuan, Chen Mei-ling, Minster, National Development Council, as well as the 10 Outsanding Young Persons and a number of other representatives. The contents of the Forum included seven topics, namely, sustainable environmental protection, youth entrepreneurship, the role youth citizens, gender equality, international regional cooperation, Taiwan’s cultural image and cross-strait youth exchange; elite people in various fields and internationally renowned figures were also invited to attend the event. During the Forum, the Youth Declaration was announced, with the aim of stimulating a sense of mission amongst Taiwanese youth, increasing the importance young people attach to current affairs and using different and forward-looking challenges to encourage young people to have an influence and serve as bridges between Taiwan and the world.

The leading participants in the 2018 Global Leader Forum photographed together
Members from the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Junior Chapter and the Junior Chamber International of the Republic of China (Taiwan) photographed together