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Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce of New York Established to Give Youth Start-ups an Entrepreneurial Boost
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Peter Lin (second individual from the left in front row) hopes to make TJCC a platform for resource sharing to better serve youth Taiwanese businessmen, taking their endeavors to a new height.
In a move to better-serve the Taiwanese youth community in New York with a useful platform for opinion and experience exchange, Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce of New York was launched on July 7th in Flushing, thanks to the hard work of many committed visionaries and the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of New York. President of TJCC in New York, Peter Lin, noted that the organization would facilitate the sharing of resources and experiences for Taiwanese youth businessmen, and give their businesses in the United States a useful leg up. 
Peter Lin and a couple of friends from different walks of life and industries worked tirelessly for six months, with the help of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, to establish TJCC in New York, which is dedicated to helping youth professionals and entrepreneurs ages 20 to 40 with an ever-expanding platform of business resources and community support. It is hoped that the platform can serve as a catalyst for youth Taiwanese businessmen to take their endeavors to the next level and become leaders extraordinaire. Also, a general assembly is scheduled for members in August. A slew of seminars on financing would also be held in the coming months. For more information, visit  
Source: World Journal