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OCAC offices
Department of Overseas Chinese Business
Publish Date: 2014/02/20
Update Date: 2014/04/16

Duties of the 3 sections under Department of Overseas Chinese Business :

1. Economics and Trade Section

(1) Gathering and research of overseas communities economic policies.
(2) Gathering and research of information on overseas Chinese economics.
(3) Credit guarantee counseling for overseas businesses. 
(4) Development, maintenance and promotion of overseas business information and service website. 
(5) Promotion of academic research of overseas community economics. 
(6) Promotion of overseas communities participation in trading and construction.
(7) Promotion of industrial exchanges and training programs between domestic industries and overseas communities. 
(8) Other related economics and financial affairs.

2. Group Services Section

(1) Overseas community business counseling and rewards.
(2) Liaison services for overseas businesses' return to visit. 
(3) Training and counseling of talents for businesses in overseas communities.
(4) Liaison and counseling services amongst businesses in overseas communities. 
(5) Promotion of local activities for businesses in overseas communities. 
(6) Guidance for development and training of overseas youth business groups. 
(7) Other related liaison services for businesses overseas communities. 

3. Career Counseling Section

(1) Management talent training for businesses in overseas communities.
(2) Career counseling for start-up businesses in overseas communities. 
(3) Counseling for talent training and operations for service industries. 
(4) Talent training and operational assistance for trading. 
(5) Talent and skill training for agricultural and fishing industries. 
(6) Technical counseling and business management assistance. 
(7) Training for professional skills and new business operations. 
(8) Long distance learning for overseas community economics and trading. 
(8) Other talent training and counseling affairs.


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