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GOLDEN HORSE: 5 eye-catching looks on the red carpet
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Photo courtesy of CNA

Taipei, Nov. 25 (CNA) It was a wave of black and dark blue on the red carpet at Saturday's Golden Horse Awards, with award nominees and presenters dressed to match the dimly-lit sky of Taipei in late autumn, with pops of color appearing like stars in the sky.

Among the memorable looks was Sylvia Chang, nominated for best leading actress and best director among other categories, who stunned onlookers with a black full-length gown that oozed old Hollywood glamour.

The look was complete with a diamond bracelet, large dangling, diamond earings, and a faux fur wrap.

Famous for her red carpet looks, Dee Hsu, better known as Xiao S (小S), stood out in a light blue dress. The long dress fell around her knees, with a one-sided thigh-high slit. Always ready to experiment with fashion, Hsu accented her look with yellow eye shadow.

Sheer was a major trend on Saturday's red carpet. Hsu Wei-ning wore a full-length gown that was sheer on top with sparkle accents.

The best supporting actress nominee looked tall and regal, like a Greek goddess, helped by the flowy white fabric that made up the lower half of the dress.

Piaget ambassador and award-winning American actress Jessica Chastain wowed in a ballgown. The violet dress featured vertical blocks of sheer fabric that gave a modern touch to a glamorous look.

Ella, the famous Taiwanese who hosted the 51st Golden Horse Awards with comedian Mickey Huang, rocked the red carpet on Saturday in a metallic, sparkly gown.

The dress featured pops of silver, red and blue that was fashion forward in the way it played on aboriginal elements with a chic, modern silhouette.

Many other stars, such as Ang Lee and Shu Qi, also graced the red carpet. For the most up-to-date coverage on the 54th Golden Horse Awards, check out CNA's live blog and social media pages.