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Wu Hsin-hsing hopes Asian Taiwanese businesses will help promote the New Southbound Policy
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Wu photographed with members of the 24th ASTCC.

Representatives of the 24th Asia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce (ASTCC) paid a visit to the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) on March 15. When receiving the visitors, Minister Wu Hsin-hsing encouraged them to use their network of connections to promote citizens’ diplomacy, develop their own business and also help Taiwan promote the New Southbound policy in target countries. 

Wu stated that President Tsai fully affirms the contribution of overseas compatriots to Taiwan’s democratization and economic development. After taking office, the DPP government has tried hard to contact overseas Taiwanese businesses, offering support for their business activities overseas. 

He said that many Taiwanese business people strive hard alone in countries around the world. Some don’t know how to join a chamber of commerce, while some hesitate. He hoped that ASTCC can have them as new members so that they receive more support. 

President of the 24th ASTCC Seven Lee said that the OCAC has allowed the New Southbound Policy to take a big step forward when holding the 2017 Job Fair for Southeast Asian for the first time. Considering it as an excellent matching platform, he would like to see more Taiwanese business well informed, and more events held so that overseas compatriot students, industry associations and chambers of commerce can all take part to maximize the economic benefits of the job fair.

Wu stated that the 2017 Job Fair for Southeast Asian was people-oriented, and made a great contribution in terms of implementing the New Southbound Policy. He deeply appreciated the service and firm support that Taiwanese business people give back to their country. He pointed out that the second session of the fair will take place on April 15, calling on everyone to register for the event to find talent and enhance national strength.