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Worldwide Overseas Compatriot Remote Health Counselling -Eucare App

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To allow overseas compatriots around the world to enjoy Taiwan's excellent health care resources and promote Taiwan's health care power, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) and the Ministry of Health and Welfare have planned the health counselling Eucare APP software on a special project basis to allow overseas compatriots to easily receive remote health care information and counselling when they are overseas. In response to the rampant COVID-19 pandemic at present, this will provide remote healthcare counselling to people under home quarantine and patients during the epidemic prevention period, ensuring overseas compatriots' right to know and showing that the government cares for then; and also use new technology to raise the level of internationalization of Taiwan's health care.

  1. Service subject: Overseas compatriots with Overseas Compatriot Card
  2. Service content: 24-hour emergency health care counselling
  3. Fee standard: Free during epidemic prevention period
  4. Counselling languages: Chinese, English acceptable for text files
  5. Service times: epidemic period October 2020-June 2021; any extension will be announced separately
  6. Doctors' background: Emergency specialist doctors from four major medical centers (Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taichung China Medical University Hospital, Chimei Hospital, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital)
  7. Points for attention: In life-threatening situations, immediately contact the local emergency medical care system or immediately to a hospital for treatment.
  8. Scan the QR-Code below to download.