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English Teaching Volunteer Service Program for Overseas Youth 2024

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    English Teaching Volunteer Service Program for Overseas Youth 2024

The program will be held from July 6th to August 2nd, 2024. It is expected that there will be 800 volunteers.

1."Compatriot youth":
(1)Applicants should hold an I-Compatriot Card when applying for the program. Applicants must be in the 11th grade or above at the time of application and between the ages of 17 on November 30, 2024 and 25 on July 6, 2024 (Only those born from July 7, 1999 to November 30, 2007 are eligible, as shown on passport).
(2)Applicants should live in an English speaking country (those not living in an English speaking country must be an English native speaker or provide proof of achieving higher than CEFR B2 level when applying). Applicants must have basic communication skills in Mandarin.
(3)Applicants who apply for this program as of Hakka origin must be recommended by Hakka association or groups in their place of overseas residence, and indicate the Hakka ancestral place when applying.
(4)Applicants who have previously registered for the English Teaching Volunteer Service Program can apply again; however those who have never participated in this program will be given the priority for admission in the program.

2.Students recommended by the Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning (TCML) and Taiwanese Mandarin Teachers teaching in mainstream schools in European and American countries:
(1)Applicants are not required to possess the i-Compatriot Card. Other requirements are contrast to the "Compatriot youth".
(2)Applicants recommended by TCML have to submit the recommendation letter provided by the teacher.
(3)Each Taiwanese Mandarin Teacher teaching in European and American mainstream schools are able to recommend 2 students, and the students must adhere the recommendation letter when applying for the program.

1. Application period: from November 24th ,2023 to March 10th , 2024 (GMT+8).
2.Please apply for the program on the OCAC activity registration website( and upload the following documents as e-files to the "document submission" column of the registration system.
(1)Program Rules and Regulations Evaluation Table signed by the applicant and his/her parents.
(2)A consent form for portrait rights and a letter of authorization for copyright property rights signed by the applicant and his/her parents (parent signature not required for those over 18 years old).
(3)The digital certificate system privacy statement and authorization letter for the collection and processing of personal information signed by the applicant.
(4)Photocopy of medical insurance certificate.
(5)A photocopy of the passport of the country of residence.
(6)Self-introduction (please highlight personal characteristics and aptitudes, such as leadership in club activities, education or teaching and social work expertise, experience and background), and attach a 1.5-inch bust photo taken within the last 6 months.
(7)Volunteer service certificate, proof of employment or supporting materials for important achievements, honors, deeds and qualifications (if none, not mandatory).
(8)One copy of official results transcripts including all semester grades or evaluation results of off-campus learning during the school period (and apply for another copy for backup).
(9)Those not living in an English speaking country must provide proof of achieving higher than CEFR B2 level.
(10)Recommendation letter from teachers (Compatriot youth applicants are not required).

3.Admission status will be posted on the official website of the OCAC ( and the OCAC activity registration website before April 19, 2024. The accepted applicants should confirm attendance online and provide Health Certificate and arrival flight information with a copy of purchased airline ticket before May 10, 2024. Failure to reply or upload the aforementioned materials on time will be regarded as having given up the right to take part.

1.First week: English training skill enhancement.
2.Second and Third week: Each participant will teach English at a junior high school or elementary school somewhere in Taiwan (Teaching time will be 8 hours a day Monday to Friday).
3.5-day: Taiwan cultural visits.

1.This program is international volunteer service not a pleasure visit. During the teaching service period, the school to which you are allocated may be remote or lack teaching resources and the living environment may be of a lower level than in the city. We hope volunteers can have an in-depth experience and merge into local life through teaching service and hope they can establish a correct understanding of volunteer service.
2.The OCAC reserves the right to review, admit and allocate volunteers; after an admitted volunteer is allocated to a school, no request for change of school will be accepted.
3.All those enrolled and taking part in service must complete English teaching program service unless this is prevented by health reasons or force majeure. Those who complete the full 3-week program and who have not violated the rules of the undertaking unit or the school where they volunteered will be given an 80-hour English-Chinese service certificate.

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