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About Overseas Compatriot Business Trade

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About Overseas Compatriot Business Trade

Overseas Compatriot Businesses all over the world is an extension of national power. To allow the global overseas compatriot business network to assist Taiwan solicit business globally and encourage investment in Taiwan, the OCAC assists overseas compatriot business organizations with their operation and enhances contacts between overseas compatriot businesses and the government, to build personal relations amongst overseas compatriot businesses that can serve as an important bridge for Taiwan’s promotion of international trade and economic exchange. In support of the government’s active promotion of the New Southbound Policy, the 5+2 Innovative Industries Program, acceleration of investment in Taiwan, investment environment optimization and other policies, entrepreneurs with investment power are invited to Taiwan and encouraged to invest in startups in Taiwan and assist them open up overseas channels and business opportunities. Also, the Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund (Taiwan) provides credit guarantees to overseas compatriot businesses and assists them obtain financing from financial institutions, serving as the strongest financial backup for overseas compatriot businesspeople and assisting them make a full effort to develop their business.

Promoting Taiwan’s excellent cuisine, tourism and medical resources is one of the government’s important policies at present. One of the most effective strategies is to use the advantage of the personal network of the overseas community to attract overseas compatriots and international friends to Taiwan to experience its beauty and progress. To encourage overseas compatriots to visit Taiwan for tourism and health examinations, the OCAC issued the Overseas Compatriot Card (OCC) and has now gone further by internationalizing the OCC by inviting domestic and overseas business to become specially engaged business and provide card holders with special offers. Taiwanese food is renowned the world over; to promote Taiwanese food internationally and internationalize domestic culinary arts instructors. The International Tour of Taiwan Gourmet Cuisine is held annually; combining with large-scale events overseas, figures from mainstream politics and business and overseas compatriots are invited to take part, using the soft power of Taiwanese food to promote civil diplomacy and raise Taiwan’s international profile. Overseas compatriots are also encouraged to come back for National Day celebrations and to travel in Taiwan, to increase their understanding of life in Taiwan and help the tourism industry develop.