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Overview on Overseas Compatriot Economy & Trade
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Overseas compatriots have established businesses all over the world. Since the ROC government has always been concerned about the economic development of overseas compatriots, providing assistance in helping overseas compatriots to expand their businesses remains an important mission of the OCAC.

The OCAC provides the assistance for overseas compatriot economic affairs, including conducting training programs for overseas compatriot businesses, promoting industrial exchanges between domestic industries and overseas compatriot businesses, encouraging overseas compatriot entrepreneurs to invest in Taiwan, offering counseling services for enterprises and organizations established by overseas compatriots, and gathering and researching information on overseas compatriot economic activities. By constructing a networking platform for overseas compatriot business organizations, the OCAC can boost the management capabilities of overseas compatriot businesses, increase their trade and economic strength, and help them integrate with the industrial might of Taiwan. This will create mutual benefits for overseas compatriot businesses, their countries of residence, and Taiwan.