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2015 FASCA Leadership and Cultural Training Program
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This year, the curriculum provided by the OCAC is exciting and spectacular with experienced teachers and experts that will guide you back to the most genuine roots of our culture. The registration has already begun! There are only a few vacancies left, so hurry and sign up to become a new member or TA. 

Welcome to the 2015 annual FASCA leadership and cultural training program. FASCA is a non-profit learning organization supported by the Overseas Community Affairs Council, R.O.C. (Taiwan), founded for the promotion and development of second generation Chinese youth. Not only is the program completely FREE, the FASCA training program provides leadership training, unique community service opportunities, and most of all, a haven for our second generation to interact and socialize to create network opportunities. In addition, the program provides a stage for the second generation youth to showcase their talents and acquire new skills through learning about Chinese culture, music, art, dance, and games. Also, if you complete this course, you will receive an official certificate from the OCAC, along with service hours to your school's community service requirement that count towards the application of the President's Volunteer Service Award. After the training program, you will have various opportunities to be involved in the community services, leadership training and development programs, wide selections of volunteer services, and representing the cultural ambassadors of Taiwanese Americans. So why wait? Sign up now and become a member of FASCA! 


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Important Notices

1. Students must attend all courses by the curriculum. The OCAC does not provide single courses.
2. With the completion of the program (90%), students will receive an official certificate provided by the OCAC.
3. A deposit fee of $100 (USD/CAD) is required. You will be refunded in May 1st 2016 by the following:
 A. 90% completion of the entire training program
 B. Organization event participation (minimum 3 times) from the end of the training program to April 30.2016.
4. Prior to the training program, if you are not able to attend, you must notify your local cultural center 20 days in advance in order to receive refund.

Join Us!

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E-mail: (Taiwan)
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    Team 玉山 of Seattle Chapter: Group picture with their unique poses and beautiful smiles.
    FASCA members paint the cultural paper umbrellas that carry on thousands years of history in which the umbrella was invented in Asia.
    FASCA members engage in team-building activities that require members to work as one toward their goals.
    Our signature activity, Jump Into FASCA, is an organizational training activity that thrives on team-building and group cooperation. Every member has to fit inside this small box!
    Check out the FASCA cultural dance! Not only can the students learn about the roots of our heritages, but also sing and dance choreographed by one of the leading cultural dancers in Taiwan.
    BAM! That’s FASCA for you.