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2023 OCAC Training Program for Mandarin Teachers from Thailand Press Release

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To enhance the professional skill of Mandarin Chinese teachers from Thailand areas, the Overseas Community Affairs Council, Republic of China (Taiwan), held a training program called "2023 OCAC Training Program for Mandarin Teachers from Thailand. The 12-day program was organized by Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) and lasted from April 10th to 21st. A total of 38 participating Mandarin Chinese teachers came from various associations.

The curriculum of this program was designed to focus on teaching practicality and the requirements of teachers from Thailand. In addition to teaching techniques curriculums, the training program featured folk culture courses and visits to Shin-Yi Elementary School and the OCAC cooperative school Cheng Kung Senior Industrial Commercial Vocational School. Participants knew more about Taiwan's academic system and the details of the industrial-academia cooperative education program for overseas compatriot youth. They interacted with local teachers to acquire knowledge or experience from each other.

Furthermore, teachers also experienced the particular local culture in Taiwan. Attractions like Miaoli Hakka Museum, Wu-Feng Lin Family Garden, Guangfu New Village, and Sun Moon Lake Ita Thao Pier in Taiwan are included in their outings.

The teachers from Thailand finished their 12-day program, and they were satisfied with the arrangement of the courses, visits and living. They expressed their appreciation to OCAC and CYCU at the closing ceremony. They said it was a fantastic program, and they were so glad to have an opportunity to come to Taiwan for this tremendous and rich arrangement.

After the completion of the course, these Mandarin teachers from various regions in Thailand will return to their home country with the grammar, classroom management, curriculum design, and integration of resources into teaching skills they have learned in Taiwan. They will share these professional abilities with more teachers who were unable to participate in the training, benefiting their students as well.

【Mandarin listening and speaking teaching design course】

    Using diverse activities such as pictures and sentence restructuring exercises to enhance teachers' mandarin comprehension ability and integrate games into music teaching to improve their interest in learning.

【A handful of online lesson preparation skills】

    Improving teachers' understanding of online lesson preparation tools and online lesson preparation skills can save a lot of lesson preparation time.

【Group discussion】

    Taking "Practice Exercise and Review of Mandarin Teaching" as the concluding course, students are arranged into groups using the "Let's Learn Chinese" textbook as the main teaching material, design classroom activities and lesson plans, and present them on the stage in groups on the last day of the course.

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