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Taiwan Association Philippines Youth Chapter (TAPYC) and Pangarap Foundation Help Homeless Children Build New Future

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    Members of theTaiwan Association Philippines Youth Chapter (TAPYC) and the Pangarap Foundation.
    Pangarap Foundation CEO Leah Lanzuela assisted in the distribution of supplies and Taiwan Black Bear PPE.kits.
    TAPYC delegate members introduced Taiwan.

The Taiwan Association Philippines Youth Chapter (TAPYC) delegation visited the Pangarap Foundation in Pasay City last February 11th, 2023 and spent a happy sunshine filled afternoon with the children.

"Pangarap" means "dreams" in Philippines. The Pangarap Foundation was founded more than 30 years ago. It started as a shelter home and has now become a structured charity foundation catering to children under 18 years old, especially those who are orphaned, homeless or street children who have lost their self-confidence. It is the aim of the Foundation to help them acquire the ability to take care of themselves and to study on their own. The Foundation hopes to prepare them to be independent after graduation, to find a job and to fulfill their dreams.

The TAPYC donated daily household items to the Foundation after they solicited from various organizations. Miss Leah Lanzuela, the Foundation CEO, welcomed the TAPYC delegates and accepted the donations on behalf of the children. The TAPYC delegation organized several activities for the children. They introduced many facts and images representing Taiwan, like the pearl milk tea which is originated in Taiwan, the MRT system, the High Speed Rail System, the round-the island railway system, Taiwan as the world's most advanced semiconductor chip producer country, and Taiwan's respect for cultural diversity and multiple religions. Through these activities, the children have a better understanding of Taiwan and from here, they may continue to explore and appreciate other cultures of the world.

The Foundation's foster children not only enthusiastically participated with the delegates but also performed a group dance to welcome them. It was heartwarming that the children repeatedly saying "I Love You" and "Thank you" as the event ended.

The TAPYC President Ling Hung-Nan gave his special thanks to the Taiwan Association in Philippines (TAP) President Lee Shin-Fen, TAPYC Hsieh Chia-En, and its members respectively for their generous donations and making this event possible. They also witnessed the shining hope glittering in the eyes of the children and expressed their sincere hope that the children will grow up safe and sound, fulfill their dreams and have a brighter and better future.