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Cyber Security Seminar held by TCCA-JC with experts from Taipei and Sydney

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    Cyber Security Seminar held jointly by TCCA-JC and Institute for Information Industry (III) from Taiwan-Venue in Sydney.
    Cyber Security Seminar held jointly by TCCA-JC and Taiwan's III -Venue in Sydney.

To accord with the OCAC's "Industry Upgrading and Technical Service for Global Compatriot Businessmen Program" and to enhance overseas Taiwanese businesses' competitiveness through Taiwanese research institutions' research and development energy, the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Australian Youth Chapter (TCCA-JC)cooperated with Taiwan's Institute for Information Industry (III)in the organization of a hybrid seminar on information security on December 11 2022, after consulting TCCA members' needs.

Aaron Chiu, engineer of III from Taipei, and David Nguyen, Cyber Security Product Manager of Bluechip Infotech in Australia were invited to give lectures and exchanges. Gabriel Shih, Director of Culture Centre of OCAC in Sidney, and Erica Liu, President of TCCA, attended the seminar in person as Johnson Hsiung, Honorary President of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Oceana (TCCO) attending online. Totally 30 people participated the seminar either online and on site.

The organizer, Johnson Yeh, President of TCCA-JC expressed his concerns that ransom ware attack cases happened often, and some attacks on famous telecommunication companies and medical insurance companies in Australia seriously impacted their reputation and operations. Yeh stressed that information is essential for both businesses and individuals in the big data era, therefore cyber security must be taken seriously. With assistance from the Culture Centre in Sidney and OCAC, Aaron Chiu from III in Taipei and David Nguyen from Sydney were invited to share their expertise. Yeh hoped that members of TCCA might enhance knowledge of cyber security by the seminar and might find opportunities for further cooperation in the future.

The seminar was held in the conference room YEHS Hotel QVB. Aaron and David lectured on the definition and the requirements for necessary protection of cyber security, frequent security threats and risks, the latest hacking techniques, and recent cyber security attacks. Participants caught the basic knowledge of cyber attacks from the seminar and were aware of possible impacts on both businesses and individuals, and eventually know how to strengthen cyber security.