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Memorial Cap in 2023.

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Subject of this procurement
 Memorial Cap in 2023.

Tender Informaion

1.Description of the procurement:
  Memorial Cap

2.Specification and Quantity of the procurement:
  (2)Style: Mountaineering Fisherman Hat.
  (3)Material: light and thin polyester fiber cloth on the outside, breathable bird's eye cloth + woven label on the inside, rope (nylon rope with rope buckle), plastic hooks on both sides (detachable), metal air eyes on both sides (at least four ); the outside of the brim can be used for decoration.
  (4)Size: head circumference 58 cm, hat brim 6-7 cm (the tolerance for the above size is ±1 cm).
  (5)The cap body (or label) needs to be printed with "112", "TAIWAN (in English), "Overseas Community Affairs Concil", "", "Formosa Bear" and i Compatriot Card design elements, etc. , the pattern, font, font size, color and position are created and designed by the manufacturer. (Except for this bidding and contract performance, the use of "Formosa Bear" should be authorized and agreed by this association.)
  (6)OCAC retain the right to modify and adjust the sample and style of the product.

3.Budget amount of this procurement:
  NTD 1,240,000

4.Contract Completion Date:
  (1)Successful Bidder should wait for the notice of OCAC to submit the sample after the bidding, and send the sample to OCAC within 7 working days. The production shall be made after the adoption.
  (2)Delivery deadline:
    1-The first batch should deliver 300 caps before August 15, 2023.
    2-The second batch should deliver the remaining quantity 5,900 caps before September 15, 2023.

5.Tender Obtaining Delivering Time:

6.Tender Opening Time: