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Chinese Zodiac Lanterns for 2022

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node name:
Subject of this procurement:
Chinese Zodiac Lanterns for 2022

Tender Informaion

1.Description of the procurement:
Procurement of Chinese Zodiac Lanterns for 2022

2.Specification and Quantity of the procurement:
    2-1. Specification: 
    (1) Colored paper lanterns for Zodiac of 2022 'tiger' with the logo and title of OCAC and the mark 'Taiwan'.
    (2) Paperboard not over than size of A3 and packed with transparent plastic material.
    2-2. Quantity: 50,000 pieces.

3.Budget amount of this procurement:
NTD 900,000.00

4.Contract Completion Date: 
Acceptance and Delivery of the lanterns within 30 working days after design confirmation.

5.Tender Obtaining Delivering Time:
2021/05/10  PM5:00

6.Tender Opening Time:
2021/05/10  PM5:10