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Closing ceremony of the 2019 OCAC Overseas Chamber of Commerce Leader Program-Phase 1 and Secretary General Program
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With the aim of assisting officials from overseas chambers of commerce to understand Taiwan’s current political and economic policies and investment environment, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) held the 2019 OCAC Overseas Chamber of Commerce Leader Program-Phase 1 and Secretary General Program March 17-22.  A general discussion meeting and closing ceremony were held on March 22, hosted by OCAC Minister Wu Hsin-hsing. In total, 62 chamber of commerce officials from 19 countries came to Taiwan to take part. Minister Wu expressed the hope that taking part in the Program had enhanced their leadership and professional knowledge and that, in the process, participants had grown to identify with and support the ROC more.

Minster Wu stated that overseas compatriot and overseas Taiwanese business people have developed strong political connections and a sensitive nose for the market in their places of residence over many years; they are an extension of the national power of the ROC and play an important role in helping the government develop political, economic, cultural and other links and exchanges with other countries. Everyone’s hard work and devotion overseas combines to give strong support to the nation, he said. In particular, he thanked overseas community leaders in various countries for their help in giving 100 students of the 2019 Taiwan Youth and Overseas Expatriate Bridging Program the chance to widen their international vision and for giving an opportunity to Taiwanese youth to do voluntary service overseas, in doing so, allowing them to align early with the world. 

The OCAC also encourages participants to subscribe to the overseas compatriot affairs @Line official account to keep abreast of the latest overseas compatriot affairs information; and also hopes that the Program participants from chambers of commerce of different countries can help promote the Overseas Compatriot Card to allow overseas compatriots to also enjoy its benefits overseas.