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Applications for the 2019 OCAC Taiwan Bio-tech Industry Investment Program for Overseas Compatriots are now open
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Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) has cooperated with the government to accelerate the policy of investment in Taiwan, combined with the strength of overseas compatriot entrepreneurs, established a platform for exchanges between overseas compatriot entrepreneurs and domestic biotechnology industries, and enhanced overseas compatriot entrepreneurs'understanding of the current status, advantages and technologies in the domestic biotechnology industry for promoting exchanges and technical cooperation, etc., to not only promote investment and industrial development in Taiwan, but also assist domestic biotechnology industries to create overseas channels and business opportunities. “2019 OCAC Taiwan Bio-tech Industry Investment Program for Overseas Compatriots” is scheduled from July 29 to August 2, 2019. All of overseas Taiwanese entrepreneurs with investment potentiality, and interested in investing in the domestic biotechnology industry, cooperating with domestic biotechnology-related enterprises, or assisting Taiwan's biotechnology industry to expand to overseas markets contact local ROC representation offices or OCAC cultural centers and will then be passed to the OCAC for review.