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OCAC Holds 2017 Taiwanese Culture Teachers' Achievement Symposium on December 13
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On December 13, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) held the 2017 Taiwanese Culture Teachers' Achievement Symposium, hosted by Deputy Minister Chiu-Chin Tien. This year, 35 teachers of Taiwanese culture were selected to conduct cultural teaching tours in 12 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, Australia, Fiji, Nicaragua, Panama and Peru, and approximately 20,000 students participated in this endeavor. In addition, 16 Taiwanese culture teachers were dispatched to summer camps in the United States, Canada and Europe to teach another 6,000 students.

In her speech, Deputy Minister Chiu-Chin Tien expressed that annually, the OCAC sends teachers of Taiwanese culture to conduct teaching tours overseas, to strengthen the educational resources and energy of overseas compatriot school teachers, and to allow overseas compatriot students to learn about traditional culture and Taiwan's diverse cultural connotations. Deputy Minister Tien indicated her immense gratitude to the cultural teachers, for maintaining a passion for teaching, and a sense of mission and love, tirelessly going overseas to conduct teaching tours, so that overseas compatriot students could experience the essence of Taiwanese culture through folk arts and academic knowledge.

At the symposium, the cultural teachers respectively reported on their experiences and achievements of overseas teaching, and demonstrated how they applied their professional skills and innovative educational materials to enhance students' interest in learning, so that students could experience the beauty of Taiwan's magnificent diverse culture. Furthermore, the teachers also exchanged views, for the OCAC to use as reference in future promotions.
Overseas Community Affairs Council hosts the 2017 Taiwanese Culture Teachers' Achievement Symposium. After the event, Deputy Minister Chiu-Chin Tien (front row center) takes a photo with the participating teachers.
Deputy Minister Chiu-Chin Tien (right) indicates that annually, the OCAC selects teachers of Taiwanese culture to teach overseas, so that overseas compatriot students could learn traditional folk arts, and experience Taiwan's magnificent diverse culture.
Teacher Chun-fa Chang shares his experience and achievements of teaching ink painting at overseas compatriot schools in Malaysia.
Teacher Wei-nung Pan shares her results and experiences of teaching folk sports at summer camps in the eastern and western regions of the United States.