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Introduction of 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star:Chung Yang Kuo

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Global Young Entrepreneur Star in Thailand, Chung Yang Kuo and his Company stand on the International Stage

In order to help global youth businesses grow and develop, connect Taiwan and overseas compatriot community, and enhance youth business development potentials, the OCAC annually hosts the "Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection", through which thirty Stars under the age of forty are selected. In 2022, three outstanding overseas compatriot youths were awarded in Thailand, one among them was Chung Yang Kuo.

Kuo is the CEO of Thai Jaras Paints Co., Ltd. He is also Director of Thai-Taiwan Business Association and member of the Lions Club in Thailand. As the oldest son in the family, Kuo grew up under the influence of his father, who was among the earliest Taiwanese businessmen to explore the overseas market, and who "steadily, step by step, braved the world and broke new ground carrying only his briefcase." Since his early years, Kuo was particularly observant of colors and arts, he showed good character and performed brilliantly in his studies as well. Throughout the period studying at the Redeemer International School Thailand, he was elected as model student of his high school for three consecutive years, and he also served as class president for two years. After graduating from high school, he was accepted into the Business Management Department of Ritsumeikan University in Kyushu Oita Prefecture with exceptional scores. Furthermore, in order to acquire more work experience, Kuo also interned at a Japanese food factory during his school years, where the Japanese work ethics and rigorous attitude greatly influenced him.

After graduating with outstanding academic achievements from the University, Kuo returned to Thailand to work in his family's paint business. He started working from the grassroot level and stayed with Thai Jaras Paints for nearly thirteen years. He familiarized himself with the company's operations in various departments and finally reached the CEO position. Then he built new brands ARCUS and HERMOSA for the company, and expanded its scope into new markets. In 2021, he led the company to win the Taiwan Prime Silver Award, and in 2022, Kuo was selected as Global Young Entrepreneur Star.

Chung Yang Kuo showcasing his company's products.
Chung Yang Kuo takes his company to Taiwan Showcase.
Chung Yang Kuo selected as the Global Young Entrepreneur Star.