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Introduction of 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star:Chih-Wei Tang

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Global Young Entrepreneur Star in San Francisco, Chih-Wei Tang Introduces the Smart Showerhead by Combining Taiwan Industry Chain and US Electromechanical New Technology

To assist global youth businessess' development, the OCAC has held the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars selection since 2021. It is hoped that with the OCAC's guidance, youth business growth would bring new energy to the sustainable development of the Overseas Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce. In 2022, Chih-Wei Tang in San Francisco was awarded with the honor of Global Young Entrepreneur Star. Tang had served as Director of the North America Taiwanese Engineering & Science Association in Silicon Valley (NATEA-SV). Before he independently opened up his own business, he had accumulated abundant academic and work experiences in the electromechanical integration field. After graduating from Stanford University's Mechanical Engineering graduate program, Tang conducted research at Ford Research and Innovation Center in the US on IOT hardware innovation technology. Oasense, the company currently operated by Tang, is of great development potential and has concluded the research and development of its first generation smart showerhead product.

Tang talked about the development process of the product, saying that smart shower devices sound new and intriguing, but for many families, it is the most water-consuming home facility. Therefore, having Oasense focus on its water-saving feature was Tang's top priority, as many areas face droughts and water shortages nowadays. Oasense can help many achieve water-saving goals through better means.

Companies often encounter difficulties in a new product's initial design and development stage, Oasense was no exception. In the development process of this product, the research and development team ran into many difficulties. The first one is having trouble solving the sensor problem, while the second one is the challenge of electricity provision to the showerhead. However, through working relentlessly and removed the obstacles one by one, Tang's team finally provided the market with the best product.

Tang's initial idea, when he first thought about starting his own buisness, was that he wanted to improve the plumbing material and products of hardward industries through smart technologies. He hoped that through technology, products could include environmental protection functions and become more popular among the public.

Oasense currently has a very strong and interdisciplinary team with professionals from various fields, such as product design, sensor technology, low-power consumption electronics, manufacturing, supply chain, software and marketing. Though Tang originally started out in San Francisco (Silicon Valley), the team has now expanded to London and Taipei. Tang hopes that more will join the research, development, and innovation of more products, which will bring more start-up stories to be told.

Chih-Wei Tang shares his ideas for starting a company.
Chih-Wei Tang's company started out in the garage of his home in Silicon Valley.
Chih-Wei Tang (right) and a member of his team studying a component of his product.