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Introduction of 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star: Kyle Lee

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Thirty-year-old Young Taiwanese-American Fisherman 
Makes the 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30

On December 16, 2022, the Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce Seattle (TJCCS) invited Kyle Lee, a young Taiwanese-Alaskan businessman, to share his entrepreneurial approach and journey in an online conference "Meet the Taiwanese-American Salmon Fisherman", hoping it would help young businesspeople in their start-up process. 

Kyle Lee is a young Taiwanese descendent who has obtained a fishing license in Alaska, something rarely given out in the area. During the COVID pandemic period, Lee adopted a different sales approach from that of a traditional fishing company to a "buy from the source" approach, where his catch was sold directly to consumers; the new sales model grew against all odds and placed Lee on the Forbes 30 Under 30. In the conference, Lee shared with participants his experience how he became captain while under tremendous pressure, how he balanced work and life, and how he continued to work even as he was exhausted after fishing. Lee answered every single question raised in the Q&A session, and even shared with them a mistake he had made when signing contracts with courier companies, using it as an example to encourage youth businesses to shoulder responsibilities and learn from their mistakes. 
Alaskan-Taiwanese businessman, Kyle Lee.
Alaskan-Taiwanese businessman, Kyle Lee, in the "Meet the Taiwanese-American Salmon Fisherman" online conference.