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Introduction of 2021 Global Young Entrepreneur Star:Tina Chung

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After gaining a master's in international relations at National Chung-cheng University and working for a few years, Tina Chung decided to go to the renowned Domus Academy in Milan Italy to study for master's in commercial design, majoring in industrial design and graphic design. She established bhv publishing company in 2015. She was named a Young Entrepreneur Star after being recommended by the President of the Central Germany Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce.

Bhv is a publishing company that provides various assistance with cyber security and commercial software, its partners mainly software cyber security companies such as Bitdefender and Reddfort. Cloud services, which have been given more importance and seen development in recent years, are also an important area of business, with partners including vKdan and leangoo. Movavi is the partner for photo and film post-production software. Apart from selling software and books, bhv also provides complete knowledge so that users can find suitable products they need by asking questions. Tina said that Taiwan is a group society and not as much importance was attached to cyber security in the past as in Europe. Due to the pandemic, more Taiwanese now have urgent need for online tools. Looking to the future for bhv, Tina hopes to help small and medium sized enterprises operate more efficiently. With an emphasis on the cloud, cyber space and data transmission, using software design and product localization, bhv will seek to provide a better docking platform for the Taiwan and Germany markets.

With substantial international work experience, as well as displaying her design capability in businesses achievements, Tina also has an artistic side. She has published two books related to trains: Slow Train Journey and Taiwan Railway Travel Diary and is also a digital publishing writer, with a concise style that captivates the reader, Talking of her entrepreneurial idea, she said she had the idea for a long time of helping micro enterprises solve their information problem. In the past, links with members of chambers of commerce and business associations had to be depended on for this type of information, which was inefficient and also lacked transparency. After setting up the company, she hoped to assist micro startups and startups extend overseas to match the cultural differences of other countries to allow business partners to understand what issues are taking place in their country so they can be discussed. Business cooperation isn't just about price quotation, product quality and numbers, it is cultural understanding and respect. Therefore, you need to start in life, from education, for example. At present, readers come from Taiwan and Germany, including micro enterprises with as few as five people and creative workers.

The guidance she received after being named Young Entrepreneur Star helped Tina be more clear about her company's future direction and strategy, review her own resources and set the operating direction. She hopes that, with the assistance of OCAC resources, the sharing of resources by Taiwanese associations can be more transparent and faster and there can be a unified platform not only for official news announcements, the power of government can be used to enhance the depth and breadth of exchanges to create a Taiwan-Germany cultural bridge.
Young Entrepreneur Star Tina Chung established bhv in Germany.
Bhv's home page. Its main businesses are cyber security and commercial software.

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