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Introduction of 2021 Global Young Entrepreneur Star:Kuo Yi-ling

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Originally they only wanted to donate facemasks to a local children's hospital, however, after Kuo Yi-ling and her husband Chen Yan-ming imported five facemask production lines from Taiwan and created a clean room, they established Bella Medical Supplies and began to supply ordinary retail stores, helping Australia get through the early period of the pandemic when facemasks were hard to come by as well as setting off on a journey of a Taiwanese entrepreneur setting up a business overseas.

Making a contribution to the global pandemic prevention effort
At present, Bella produces 400,000 facemasks a day, with all the materials coming from Taiwan, insisting on the idea of "Made in Australia, core from Taiwan." Kuo Yi-ling said that apart from the level 1 and 2 and N95 masks made using materials and machinery from Taiwan being certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA,) Bella also makes protective gowns, rubber gloves and anti-dust shoe covers and other epidemic prevention products in cooperation with Taiwan listed company Tex-ray Industrial Co. Ltd and other enterprises. Also, judging that syringe and needle demand would increase sharply after vaccinations began and taking into account Taiwan's professional technology, several months ago Kou Yi-ling began discussing cooperation with a Taiwanese enterprise, hoping to make a contribution to the global pandemic prevention effort.

Producing high quality medical products
Kuo Yi-ling said when she took her young daughter Bella to The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne to see a doctor in March 2020, in the early days of the pandemic, she saw that the epidemic prevention supplies of Australian hospitals were in short supply which prompted her to buy facemask that she donated to grateful hospitals. At the time, the quality of facemasks in the Australian market was also uneven with high quality medical masks from Taiwan hardly seen. She set up a company named after her daughter Bella in June last year to make high quality face masks using materials from Taiwan and sells them for a reasonable price, elevating her maternal love for her daughter to care for the people of the world.

Caring about Taiwan-Australia bilateral relations
Kuo Yi-ling is a member of Melbourne Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce and often supports its activities and those of the Taiwanese community to bring overseas compatriots together. Also, in light of the fact that many products imported from Taiwan are subject to high import tariffs, she hopes to see an FTA signed soon between Taiwan and Australia or Taiwan's entry into a regional trade organization to increase the competitiveness of Taiwanese products in Australia. Consequently, she assisted Taiwan in its effort to enter the CPTPP; when there was a public hearing at the Australian Federal Parliament on possible new CPTPP members, she made a submission, showing the high expectations of overseas compatriots in Australia for the deepening of Australia-Taiwan economic and trade relations. 

Illuminating Bella with maternal love
Every Taiwanese enterprise that grows strong overseas has its founding ideal. With the pandemic still raging across the world, " although the virus is without feeling, there is warmth in the world" said OCAC 2021 Global Young Entrepreneur Star Kuo Yi-ling". She continues to protect people's safety and health with high quality facemasks and medical products with the care and protection she shows her own daughter, to let the rays of maternal love illuminate Bella's glorious future.
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Melbourne, Australia Director Abraham C. Lin and his wife (2nd and 3rd from left) visited Bella Medical Supplies and were photographed with Kuo Yi-ling (3rd from right,) her father Kuo Jin-cai (1st on left,) and husband Chen Yan-ming (2nd from right).
Bella Medical Supplies produces various styles of facemask.