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2017 Goodwill missions to Oceania and the Americas
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The 2017 Goodwill Mission to Oceania in Auckland, New Zealand
The 2017 Goodwill Mission to Oceania in Melbourne, Australia
The 2017 Goodwill Mission to the Americas in Miami, USA
The 2017 Goodwill Mission to the Americas in Houston, USA
This year the OCAC assigned top-notch cultural performance groups to tour in Oceania and the Americas to celebrate the National Day. The Goodwill Mission to Oceania was organized by National Taiwan College of Performing Arts. From September 7th to 19th they performed in cities throughout Australia and New Zealand including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland and Christchurch. With a total of over 4,350 participants, the performance tour created an overwhelming success.
The theme of the Goodwill mission to Oceania was "Spirited and Celebrated", feauring a creative display of the Song-jiang Battle Pattern, martial arts, human pyramid, ribbon dances, diabolo , flag and silk fan dances as well as acrobatic arts and stunts. These performances integrated the elements of Taiwanese traditional folk arts with life of the Min-nan and Hakka peoples. With the combination of juggling, acrobatics, dance and body art performances to express the resolute nature and grateful spirit of Taiwanese people, the troupe demonstrated the core of Taiwan's traditional culture.
The Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Arts Troupe was invited to organize the Goodwill Mission to the Americas. From September 8 th to October 5 th, they performed across the United States (Los Angeles, Stafford(Texas), Miami, Atlanta , Baltimore, New Jersey, New York City, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, San Diego), Canada (York Region(Ontario), City of Vancouver), El Salvador and Nicaragua. In total, the group toured through fourteen cities and held fourteen performances with a total audience of over 18,930 people.
The theme of the Goodwill Mission to the Americas was "Celebrate National Day with Drums and Flags". The performances reflected the richness of Taiwanese folk art and included "Blessing from Gods", "Magnificent Attitude Overwhelms the World", "Infernal Chief Officers", "The Sound of Golden Drum Reaches up to the Sky, Getting Victory at the Moment of Waving Flags", "Happy God Children" and "Overwhelming War Drums". Inspired by the traditional temple fair parades and demonstrated by the troupe's professional theatrical techniques, the programs were warmly welcomed by our friends abroad and foreign guests.
    This year's Goodwill Missions not only deepened the emotional ties between overseas friends and Taiwanese people, but also successfully raised the international visibility of Taiwan and displayed its cultural soft power.